SELAH is a place where individuals experiencing domestic abuse can be heard and understood while finding help for the next step of their journey

Selah means to “pause and reflect”. If you are experiencing domestic violence or triggers of relational control, step back from your situation, breathe deeply, share your story, and receive the validation and support you need. We provide support and free resources that will help you and bring clarity to your situation. At Selah you are understood and you are valued.

Educational Groups

Educational groups will teach and equip members to find clarity and direction in their life and relationships. Groups are open to victims, survivors, family members or women who simply want to learn more about this issue.

Resources and Referrals

When faced with an abusive relationship, individuals often need to be connected with resources in the community that are designed to give direction through the journey. We can offer internet access for private resource searches and communication with supports within the greater community.

Individual Support

Telling your story and finding a listening ear can make a huge impact on those that have been isolated and overwhelmed by domestic abuse. SELAH offers individuals the opportunity to find clarity by processing their experience with a supportive staff member.

Our Mission
To offer a safe place where individuals can be heard and understood while finding help for the next step of their journey. To raise awareness of the effects of relationship abuse through free and confidential services, bringing clarity and validation through education and support. To restore personal value where it has been lost because of abuse.