SELAH is a place where individuals experiencing domestic abuse can be heard and understood while finding help for the next step of their journey.

Women's Educational Group

Educational groups will teach and equip members to find clarity and direction in their life and relationships.

Groups are open to victims, survivors, family members, or women who simply want to learn more about this issue.

Topics Covered:

  • Power and Control
  • Characteristics of Abusers
  • Effects on Children
  • Self-Esteem
  • Emotional & Verbal Abuse
  • Patterns of Abuse
  • Faith Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Financial Issues

Virtual Groups meet Wednesday mornings from 10-11:30 AM EST.

In-person Groups meet Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30 EST.

Selah Newsletter with Topic Schedule – 1-20-23

We continually run the series throughout the year. You may join any time.

To register, and for information on meeting locations or how to join virtually, call or email us.

SELAH: (616) 510-6305

Resources and Referrals

When faced with an abusive relationship, individuals often feel isolated and need to be connected with resources in the community.  Several local agencies are designed to give direction to individuals through their journey to a healthier life.

SELAH offers internet access for private searches and communication with supports in the greater community.

Education can be powerful.  Understanding the dynamics of domestic abuse helps to validate your feelings and empowers  you to see that positive change is possible.

SELAH can provide you with educational materials (books, handouts, etc) to help you grow in your understanding of problems and possible solutions.

Individual Support

Telling your story and finding a listening ear can make a huge impact on those who have been isolated and overwhelmed by domestic abuse.

SELAH offers individuals the opportunity to find clarity by processing their experience with a supportive staff member.