Individual Support

Are you feeling the effects of an abusive relationship? Perhaps you are confused, anxious and afraid. Do you feel broken, lonely, or trapped? You’re not alone!

Signs of an abusive relationship

Here are some signs and symptoms that may indicate you are feeling the effects of an abusive relationship.


Your partner might…

Become Strong Again

If you are answering “Yes, that’s me!”, know that you can become a strong and vibrant person again.

You see, it’s not about your failure or inability to stop the abuse. Your partner’s reactions are a choice he/she is making. As a person experiencing the effects of abuse, you also have a choice as to how you will respond. The Team at Selah will walk beside you as you make choices and decisions on your journey. You are not alone!

“Selah is a safe place where those experiencing the effects of abuse become survivors . . .

Selah was both lifesaving and transforming for me.”

— A Selah Participant

Stopping the Cycle of Abuse

graphic of the cycle of abuse including 4 stages

The cycle of abuse makes it very hard to get out of an abusive situation because abusers aren’t abusive all the time. When things are “calm”, you often see things in them that originally attracted you to them. Educating yourself on abuse is the first step in learning what you can do about it.

“But he didn’t hit me.”

— A Selah Participant

We hear this so often!

Please understand that you don’t need to be physically harmed to be in an abusive relationship. Emotional, psychological and mental abuse is just as devastating. We understand what you’re going through and are here to bring help and hope as we walk alongside you on this challenging journey.

Start your healing journey

Call us at 616-510-6305 and stop the madness!

SELAH offers classes and insight that will bring clarity and validation to what you’re experiencing. 

We will help you recognize and identify what you have been experiencing. 

We offer free and practical education, resources, and support for all stages of your journey.

“In Selah, I was surrounded by individuals who understood and could relate to my experiences.”

— A Selah Participant

Let us walk alongside you as you make decisions for your situation. Our resources will educate and empower you. There is hope, and there is healing.