Why Donate?

Your donation will help Selah Empowers to continue delivering support to our community while expanding its outreach to even more women who feel they have nowhere to turn.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION matters. If you understand the impact that Domestic Abuse can have on an individual, then you know the value of people coming alongside them to help. If you’ve had a family member or friend experience the brokenness of domestic abuse, and know they need something you can’t provide, then just know, YOUR CONTRIBUTION matters. Your encouragement with funds is the inspiration the team at Selah needs.

We are committed to helping. We are committed to being a community to your loved ones. We just can’t do it alone!  Together we can build a better community, strong families, and children that can overcome this cycle.

Why Your Donation is Important​

Selah Empowers is a 501c3 that is 100% community funded. Donations empower us to develop materials, provide resources, support business needs (advertising, website, phone & computer needs), and bring in paid professionals for insights and guidance. Currently, our entire team is made up of all volunteers. Future goals include some paid staff so we can meet growing needs.

Current funding provides:

  • Weekly meetings to learn and discover tools to help navigate the effects of domestic abuse on the journey forward.
  • Support for meeting the immediate physical or emotional needs of children and/or dependents.
  • Professionals to help clients understand navigating what life after abuse might look like.

Some examples of what your donated funds are used for:

  • Materials for 10 sessions: $500
  • Counselor for 10 sessions: $1500
  • Class Refreshments (annual): $750
  • Monthly childcare costs:  $400
  • Tech Support for 10 sessions: $250
  • Immediate participant needs: $15-1500

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Donations can also be mailed to: 
Selah Empowers – 
3089 84th Street, Byron Center, MI 49315

On behalf of Selah Empowers, we sincerely thank you for your support.


If, in addition to a financial contribution, you’d like to volunteer for SELAH, please contact us directly. 

Call: 616-510-6305 or submit a volunteer form.

We’ll provide you with ways you can help.