About Us

SELAH is a place where individuals experiencing domestic abuse can be heard and understood while finding help for the next step of their journey.

Our Mission

To provide education, resources, and support to individuals and communities impacted by domestic abuse.

What Makes Us SELAH

At SELAH our network of professionals and survivors are here to help you through your healing journey. We offer education and support for various life hardships you may be experiencing including legal advice, financial advice, counseling for children, co-parenting with an abuser, etc.

SELAH Team Members

We want you to know that EVERYONE has value!

“Now the Lord who created you says: ‘Don’t be afraid, for I have ransomed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.’”

— Isaiah 43:1

Connie Sattler, Ed.D.

Executive Director

connie sattler, selah executive director

Dr. Connie Sattler joined Selah as executive director in January 2024. Connie is leading Selah’s talented team in all areas of organizational strategy, forecasting, and performance. She previously served as Dean of Professional and Graduate Study Programs in higher education and has walked beside hundreds of women in her work with Bible Study Fellowship. Her thoughtful, caring, innovative, and empathetic nature is a gift to Selah as she continues to develop supporting structures and systems to maximize organizational results to directly benefit those impacted by domestic abuse in the Greater Grand Rapids communities.

Vicki Williams

Director of Advocacy and Program Development

vicki Williams executive director of Selah Empowers

Since conception, Vicki’s passion for Selah has always been to walk alongside, empower, and encourage individuals experiencing domestic abuse so they can come out on the other side of their journey filled with hope, knowledge, and the ability to live fully into the person they were created to be. In her role at Selah, Vicki’s goal is to bring advocacy and education, both virtually and in-person, to individuals, communities, and organizations. She is continually looking for new locations to share Selah’s information, teachers to help execute Selah’s mission, and support so Selah can grow and touch more lives. She remains committed to seeing that everyone who experiences the effects of domestic abuse can experience healing and renewal and be part of a supportive community.

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Shirley Ritsema​

Operations Manager
Shirley Ritsema

Shirley Ritsema came to Selah in January 2022 after a clear nudge from the Holy Spirit to learn more and offer her years of organizational and leadership experience. She now fills a behind-the-scenes role of Operations Manager and contributes insights and knowledge to lesson planning and group support from her personal experience with domestic abuse within a previous marriage. Shirley reflects that the restorative value of connecting with other victims and survivors is powerful whether abuse is ongoing or long passed.

Shari Murdock​​

Community Educator & Class Leader

Shari Murdock.

Shari Murdock joined Selah early 2021.  Since then, she’s regularly mentored and co-led group classes.  She is passionate in educating participants to learn in these confusing situations that each is experiencing the result of brokenness, not lack of individual effort. They are, in fact, precious and loved heirs of God and worthy of deep love and honor. Watching eyes opened, hearts filled, and experiences that bring hope brings joy to Shari’s heart!  There’s victory when participants understand their value and worth in their Creator.

Elisabeth Richards

Group Support Facilitator
Elisabeth Richards.

I came to Selah as a client referred by my therapist in the fall of 2018. Selah’s educational program and support rescued and transformed me from a place of hopelessness and worthlessness as a result of abuse to the discovery of my identity and priceless value as a daughter of my loving Creator God. As I grew in strength and healing, I felt a call to serve and support hurting women who came to Selah.  I have been honored to co-lead evening classes, empowering women on their journey from the darkness and weight of oppression to become equipped women who pursue freedom, healing, and peace.  I’m also involved in providing child care and emotional support for the children.

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Stop the Abuse Cycle

We offer free and confidential services for anyone who is experiencing or has experienced domestic abuse.