Survivors & Supporters

You can be a significant source of strength and encouragement to those experiencing domestic abuse.

How you can help

If you’ve experienced the trauma of abuse, or know someone in the midst of the journey, your contribution to Selah will be a gift. You can be a significant source of strength and encouragement to those experiencing domestic abuse.

Here’s how...

Become a Caring Friend

Offer to walk alongside someone who has endured the hardships of abuse, aiming to nurture a meaningful connection beyond the bounds of family. Extend a caring presence, reach out regularly to offer support, share in moments of prayer and conversation, take gentle strolls together, and occasionally share a meal – simply be there as a comforting and understanding friend.

Gift of Time

Your gift of time can go very far in supporting SELAH and its mission. From offering transportation to meetings, offering your professional skills to support participants, volunteering to do office or support work, and much, much more. Time is money for many of us, and can be just as valuable to SELAH.

Gift of Resources

Since Selah is completely funded by donations, any monetary contribution you can make is hugely appreciated. From materials and refreshments for weekly meetings, childcare and professional support for participants, and office and technical needs for outreach and communication, the funding need is great and continues to grow with our impact in the community.

From a one-time donation to a monthly pledge, your monetary contribution is deeply appreciated.

If you’re unable to support Selah financially, perhaps you can recommend to us someone that might have a heart for this ministry and have resources to contribute. We’d be delighted to connect with them. Contact us at with this referral.

Gift of Encouragement

For participants in our programs, receiving encouragement and support for their courageous choice is extremely important to their success. You can educate yourself so you can reinforce what they learn at Selah support groups. You can offer to listen and be there when the need arises. Or you can simply applaud them for any steps in the right direction.


Your friendship, time, gifts, and encouragement matter! Please join us in creating a community of support.

Offer your gifts today!