I came to SELAH after going to five different counselors trying to figure out what was happening to me in my marriage.  A friend of mine suggested I attend SELAH.  Without really knowing what to expect, I showed up and talked to one of the directors who shared some resources with me and invited me to one of their meetings.   After learning about the Power and Control Wheel along with the behaviors that abusers use, I realized that for 30 years I had been experiencing abuse within every area of my marriage.

I had spent years trying to figure out what the problem was and how I could fix it.  I felt that I was never enough.  I was always made to feel that I was the problem.  I was living in fear of the next explosive event.

The abuse was fueled by the “church” we attended.  Their cult-like beliefs distorted the gospel of Jesus Christ, restricted my personal freedom, and even tolerated emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

For years, the fear of addressing the abuse I was experiencing kept me silent.  I knew that speaking up would lead to rejection, isolation, and even fear for my safety.  SELAH empowered me to take the necessary steps to be free of the abuse I was living in.  I realized that I did not need to live in this.  God does not expect any of His children to be subject to or tolerate abuse.

SELAH not only educates about abuse but also helps with legal and financial connections if needed. The education and support I’ve received through SELAH has empowered me to take the first steps toward healing and wholeness; each day is another step toward claiming my full identity in Christ.  I am now working toward becoming an advocate for other women experiencing domestic abuse.

—Selah Client