September 2021

Selah was introduced to me through my counselor at Pine Rest. He actually introduced it to me three times, but I was very much in denial about what was going on in my house. In the Spring of 2020, I fled my house for safety reasons and that is when I knew that it was time to get Selah involved.

Selah has been my rescue for so many different things. But there are three main points for Selah. The guest speakers that are brought in are huge. There was one specific guest speaker that was brought in that helped explain what domestic violence does to the victims brain as well as the children’s brains that are witnessing these domestic violence outbursts. Whether you think that your child is seeing it or not, it can play in to a lot of different bigger problems with the children and I had no idea half of these issues that could go hand in hand with a child’s witnessing a domestic violence issue in their house.

The second major piece was the attorneys that were brought in. I started my divorce case in the heat of Covid and there were a lot of attorneys that were not practicing at that time and I jumped with the first one that meant something to me. He had a military piece to his background and I have a military piece to my story. Weeks down the road and more education from Selah, I realized that he was not the best fit for me. I actually have a really great attorney team that I have now that I got through Selah.

The third piece is the empowerment. As a victim of domestic violence you lose your self worth and you lose your identity as a human being. While a lot of the other women in the group share stores, there is a very unique piece to it all that we all share and with that alone, it has brought a sisterhood between a lot of women that are in the group and an insane support group. For that alone, I am beyond thankful for what Selah has done for me.

—Selah Client