I began attending Selah shortly after I filed for divorce. At that point, I had been married 11 years. I knew very soon after getting married that something was very, very wrong with my marriage. I just couldn’t fully make sense of what was going on. For far too many years I lived in fear, I was extremely emotional, I had severe anxiety, I had debilitating migraines, I felt like I lost my sense of self.

Selah has educated me and shed light on what was really happening in my marriage. I had seen the Power and Control wheel prior to Selah and at that point I had experienced every form of abuse. Selah addresses this Power and Control wheel further but also educates you on what a healthy relationship looks like. I also learned about gaslighting, trauma on the brain, trauma bonding, the cycle of abuse and so much more. One of the most powerful classes for me covers trauma on the brain. This specific class helped me gain a better understanding of the trauma that my kids and I lived through and how I can take steps to help each of us begin to heal.

Selah helped me make sense of my destructive marriage. This group is educational, but also provided me with the supports, tools and resources that I needed to get through my divorce and on my path to healing.  These women helped me through every step of my journey. I have met many amazing women who have become my friends. These women are helping my kids and I on our journey to healing. Selah was my Saving Grace.

—Selah Client