I was emotionally drained and exhausted when I found the Selah group. I remember listening to one of the coordinators discuss the power/control wheel and a light bulb went on in my head. The ‘marriage difficulties’ now looked very different. I began to put to words all the things I was confused about: gaslighting, triangulation, isolation, projection etc.

I met wonderful women who were welcoming and continue to openly shared their experiences. This has made me realize I’m not alone and I can overcome the experiences that I’ve been through.

Through Selah, I’ve learned

  1. The difference between a difficult marriage and an emotionally destructive marriage,
  2. How to advocate for my young daughters and get them help to be emotionally healthy and
  3. How to have a solid self-care plan.

After a year of attending Selah, I’m at the point where I can say that it does NOT matter what negativity (in words or deed) is directed towards me, I will not let anyone affect my joy and peace of mind.

—Selah Participant