Vicki Williams

Founder of Selah Empowers

vicki Williams executive director of Selah Empowers

Vicki’s passion for starting SELAH was born out of her own personal experience with domestic abuse. She knows the destruction, confusion, and fear that domestic abuse brings. 

It was Vicki’s desire for SELAH to be a safe place for each person to share their experience and receive the help and support they need.  She didn’t want anyone else experiencing abuse to feel along, unheard, or as if no one would believe them. Vicki’s vision was to create a place that empowers individuals victimized by abuse by providing help, hope, and healing.

Throughout the years, Vicki has met many individuals experiencing domestic abuse. With the encouragement of one of her colleague pastors and a series of events that could have only been orchestrated by God, Selah was offered office space and received a donation to help with start-up expenses. Sherry Norman France, a licensed social worker and therapist, and now a lifelong friend, agreed to partner in developing Selah, and together they started the first series of classes, February, 2019.

Vicki’s hope was, through Selah, the personal devastation of abuse will be replaced with a renewed sense of purpose, value, and identity as each person moves forward in their healing journey and lives fully into the person they were created to be.  That prayer remains to this day.

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